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Pre-Photoshoot Recommendations

To make your property look its absolute best to prospective buyers, please use the following suggestions in addition to cleaning your home prior to your scheduled photoshoot.

Modern Livingroom

• Turn on all lights (lamps, ceiling fan lights and under-cabinet)
• Replace any missing lightbulbs
• Turn off all ceiling fans
• Minimize clutter from kitchen and bathroom countertops and tables
• Remove small throw rugs (including door mats and bathroom mats)
• Keep pets away during photoshoot and hide crates or cages if possible
• Hide trash cans, toilet brushes, hampers and other personal items (including jewelry)
• Clear showers and tubs of shampoo bottles, soap, razors, brushes, etc.
• Put all toilet seats down
• Place all clothing, robes and shoes in closets
• Make sure beds are all made

• Roll up water hoses and put away cleaning supplies, garbage cans and other similar items around outside the property
• Arrange outdoor furniture as you would like it photographed
• Open patio umbrellas (if possible)
• Remove signs (For Sale, home security, political, etc.)
• Clean pool and deck areas and hide pool chemicals and toys
• Cut grass and blow off driveway and sidewalk

Please note, our photographers are not permitted to remove or clean up personal property due to liability and insurance limitations.

Download and keep (Real Estate Photoshoot Checklists)

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