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From Our Valued Customers . . . 
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The best photos! Ken is great to work with and is an expert. Highly recommended!

Alex Metropulos
Z Title Group



An amazing photographer, Ken is a great professional overall with such an amazing customer service. He provides top of the line product. I was blown away at the quality and all the marketing material he has available and easily ready to use. I highly recommend you call him for your new listing, you won’t be disappointed!

Keep up the amazing work!


Dragana Todorovic
Charles Rutenberg Realty Orlando

Absolute genius, my clients were so happy they said Ken is such an artist! Thank you, the website is very user friendly with all the technology and tools, exceptional customer service and satisfaction, all the photos were great.


Marianne Buchanan
Olympus Executive Realty
Z Title Pix_04062022 06.jpg

Incredible quality! Thanks Ken for being so responsive and moving so quickly!

Vilmarys Metropulos
Z Title Group



Ken has done a wonderful job with the photography of our listings! He takes his time to get the right angles and the results speak for themselves. Ken is easy to work with and very accommodating of schedules. We will continue to use him for all of our real estate photography.

Lyn Henderson
Great Transitions


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