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Payment Policy
and Terms & Conditions

Invoice & Media Release Terms

Reviewing Legal Agreement

• Our default policy is to invoice at the time of the photoshoot booking. Payment is not due until the materials are delivered.
• The photoshoot will be scheduled and completed as set in the booking on the Kenneth & Allen customer portal. Agents and the assigned photographer will receive notifications via email immediately after any changes are made to the booking.
• Notification of the completed delivery will be sent to the agent via email and text immediately upon completion - within 24 hours of the scheduled photoshoot.
• The client, who purchased a license for the site media (photos, videos, virtual tours), is hereby authorized to a worldwide, limited, fully-paid license to use the said media for the purposes of marketing the assigned property. The license does not grant or constitute a transfer of ownership for any intellectual property rights, which are all explicitly held by Kenneth & Allen LLC.

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