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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Please note - A photoshoot may be cancelled or rescheduled if any of these policies are not adhered to during the photoshoot session.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols


• During most photoshoots it's best to keep a minimum number of people and pets on site. Particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic this is even more critical for safety purposes. We ask agents and homeowners to be off-site for the duration of the photoshoot when possible.
• When homeowners and agents are going to be on site, we ask that everyone observes the practice of socially distancing of approximately 6 feet, or reside outside while photos are being taken inside the location.
• The home should be prepared and cleaned prior to the photoshoot. It's the seller's responsibility to take steps to clean and disinfect the property.
• It is the seller's responsibility to notify the agent and the photographer if anyone living or staying at the property is suspected or confirmed of a positive COVID test result or experiencing potential symptoms.
• Photographers of Kenneth & Allen have been instructed not to touch or move personal items during the photo session.
• While inside, photographers are required to wear a mask. We encourage anyone onsite during the photoshoot to also wear a facial mask. Kenneth & Allen photographers are fully vaccinated and are following CDC recommended guidelines.
• We ask that the seller and/or agent notify Kenneth & Allen 24 hours in advance if a property cannot be photographed due to an occupant having been exposed to COVID-19.
• Please notify Kenneth & Allen if anyone on site during the photo session was later found to be exposed to COVID for exposure tracking purposes.

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