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The Marketing Kit

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Property Website

We offer a variety of pre-designed real estate property website styles to feature your latest listing. All sites are visually appealing, simple to adapt to your specific needs and customizable. Each site offers a branded and MLS-compliant non-branded version.

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Social Media Tiles

Social Media tiles are created automatically from your site media photos and property description information. Post instantly about your new listing, open house or brag about how quickly your listing sold!

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Site Videos

Auto-generated Social Media Video files are created for just about every occasion you might need. Like the property website, the attention-grabbing videos are available in a branded version as well as non-branded for use on MLS postings.

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Printable Flyers

We provide well over a dozen flyer templates that you can choose from to promote your listings. Each template is fully customizable and can be created in just minutes. All flyers are downloadable as PDFs to share digitally and/or print. Use as many flyer templates as you wish - there is no limit.


Client Listings

In addition to the above features, we also provide you with the ability to display all of your active properties on your website. The Client Listings pages can be customized to show the properties you want to list - along with the colors and themes you prefer. 


Weekly Analytics

By tracking a variety of key metrics, your clients can see what marketing channels are working for them. You can share the results with your clients or keep them for your own knowledge for future strategic planning.

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Lead Capture System

Every Marketing Kit includes a hotline number that buyers can use to call or text to get more information about your listing. You'll get notified immediately when a potential buyer calls or texts about your property. This system provides you with a hot lead that you can directly respond. 

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